Born in St -Edouard de Lotbinière in 1953, Yolande Bernier is presently living and working in St- Jacques -de Leeds in the region of Amiante, Quebec

She received her formal art education at l`Université Laval, in Quebec and graduated in 1975.  After 1982, she visited Japan a number of times to develop and perfect her art, and in the process adopted the use of Nihonga, an ancient Japanese painting method.  Her use of Nihonga provoked a further research into the qualities of paint pigments, and eventually, into a study of primeval art. 

In an effort to understand her own motivation and creativity, she visited famous sites of prehistoric art such as Lascaux and Chauvet, amongst others, in France.  She has had two apprenticeships in paper making: one in O’barra Japan in 1987, and another in Montreal.